School Interactive Links

Free homeschool links found here


Placement Tests


Unit studies for Ancient, World and American History

Games that need downloads take time to research

Curriculum sites

Free Home school sites with full curriculum  tracking exams   Lesson plans for specific subjects

Hands on Activities

Rubber band shoot out: take a shoe box and set it on is small side with an oval cut in the front.  Shoot rubber bands from your finger to see who gets the most-have prizes.

Football accuracy: large box with a round hole cut in the front: how many times can you get the football in the hole-have prizes

Stack your pennies: see how many pennies you can stack in 2 minutes

Balloon challenge: need a fly swatter for each child and a balloon, see who can keep their balloon off the floor the longest

Cup tower: use your imagination to see how many cups you can stack in 2 min experiments, projects and art

Interactive sites       Math Language science social studies art typing music hoildays spanish    Math Language science social studies  Launguage arts and math  Yearly Standards

Games K-6 all subjects


Snakes and laddders (Ridge and River can play


Typing           Upper level   Lower level

Reading and Phonics    1st grrade

Lona A sounds interactive sheets

Math  Times Tables   1-7

Just Math

Numer lines games

Sequencing   K-Precalculus     K-12        quadrilaterals   ALGERBRA  ryder math

Spelling    1st-8th plus SAT spelling words  K

Build my own spelling list   ********  books for grammar, spelling, and reading

Grammar only   K-12

Free Books  Online Library with 100’s of free books


Itsy Books


Building web sites

Lesson plans on teaching computer skills



Election!: A Kid’s Guide to Picking Our President  $5.11 


Read Aloud Books

Classroom decoration ideas


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