Sheri-Teaching Ideas

2016  calander downloads

Battles of the bible

Amalakites and Mosses


Field trip ideas:

-Rexburg planetarium, Shows start Sept 15, 2016 (public shows every Thursday evening at 7:00 pm. (excluding holidays, finals week, school breaks, and the month of August). Tickets go on sale at 6:30 pm at the door, on a first come, first served basis. Most shows last roughly 30 minutes. Cost is $2.00 per person. Children under the age of 5 are free with an adult fire dept-newspaper-post office-state capitol visit when congress in sessions-ceramics shop-veterinarian-library-tv station-power company-historical sites in Idaho-pet store-fish hatchery-courthouse learn what goes on in the court house-old fashion day do everything like the old-water treatment plant-Utah museum of war planes


Learning Centers: Set up daily stations such as math reading and writing, computer(to include spelling math and phonics) and then have new station each month put them on tables or in flat see through plastic bins

Math station, Do your workbook math, pattern block station $4 teachers pay teachers (TPT),

measuring station $20 TPT

coin station

art station: How to draw book nice drawing pencils crayons, colored pencils

Mini Book Station: downloads of book they can trace words and cut and put together

Sight Word Game station.

Survival center

Science project center:  Oct monarch butterflies, pond water studies, riding horses riding bikes or walking looking for something of interest

Writing center: practice writing skills numbers and letters

Lego station: random legos to build something of interest


  • September 17: TBA, Hydropower 1-3 pm Museum of Idaho  Registered

Magnificent measurement station- Grandparents Day-write a letter to Gramma Angie, Sherry and Grampa Steve (need addresses)  – Rosh Hashanah – Yom Kippur.  Start study of government and election process

Revolutionary War

Field trip: Idaho museum idaho falls Americas Revolution Rebels with a cause (June 3-Nov 26)

October:  Day of prayer for Jerusalem-Study the country of Jerusalem.  Study the word on why we pray for Jerusalem-pray each day.     Columbus’s day-Set up a Columbus Day station.  Monarch butterflies    Here is a video taken in American Fork, Utah County, Utah on August 21, 2009. We entered a wet meadow habitat to look for monarch caterpillars on milkweed taking refuge under thickets of Russian Olive trees. Most milkweed plants growing out in the open fields seem to NOT have larvae.   What to look for

You Tube

Cpl Kyle Carpenter speaks to Gamecock men’s soccer

David Letter Kyle Carpenter

Cpl william Kyle Caroenter MOH Flag Presentation (unity)

Field Trip:

  • October 15: Phenomenal Physics, Fireworks and Rocketry!  Registered

November  Election Day – Thanksgiving-set up learning center on history of thanksgiving- study the word on why we are thankful for the harvest – Veterans Day-read stories of war heroes and the prices they paid for our freedom. Adopt a veteran to write to


Field Trip:

  • November 19: TBA, Weather Museum of Idaho 1-3pm


January: History:  Martin Luther King Day   SCIENCE:  Constants Experiment

Field Trip:

SCIENCE:  What are constants  (Use Constants Experiment  in science folder) add to this by asking family members to do the sit up challenge with our constants and record in our science interactive notebooks the results

February: Groundhog Day, Lincoln and Washingtons birthday

Field Trip:

March:  Purim, St Patrick’s Day

Field Trip

April:  Good Friday, Easter, and Passover,  Earth Day

Field Trip

May: National Day of prayer, flag day in June prepare for it, study independence day this month

Field Trip

June:  Flag Day

July: Independence Day, parents day




Feb 2     GroungHog Day:

Forecast: predict or estimate (a future event or trend)

Write a personal forecast on your opinion of the outcome of the groundhog

Feb 12      Abraham Lincolns birthday

Abe lost his mom at 9 years old